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Detecting WSL


WSL, which stands for Windows Subsystem for Linux, is a feature that allows running Linux on Windows. See the official WSL docs for more information.


This document assumes WSL 2. It may not work on WSL 1. (Contributions welcome, though.)

WSL is detected as a generic Linux environment in Dojang. However, if you have config files that you want to treat specially only in WSL, you need to be able to distinguish WSL from a generic Linux environment.

Currently, the only way to detect WSL seems to be to check if the output of uname -r or the contents of /proc/version contains the string -microsoft-standard-WSL2.1 Fortunately, Dojang recognizes the kernel-release field when detecting the environment, so you can define a moniker that is satisfied only in WSL in your manifest file as follows:

when = "kernel-release $= '-microsoft-standard-WSL2'"

Note that you need to use the environment predicate syntax in the when field because you need to use the $= (ends with) operator instead of a normal string equality comparison.