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Exit codes

When the dojang command terminates due to an error, it returns the following exit codes, depending on the situation.

  • -1: Unexpected error.
  • 1: Invalid command options or arguments.
  • 2: File write failure.
  • 3: File does not exist.
  • 4: External program terminated with an error (non-zero exit code).
  • 9: Not supported in the environment (platform).
  • 10: The manifest file is missing or the repository is not initialized.
  • 11: The manifest file cannot be read due to problems such as invalid format or permissions.
  • 12: Unable to create a new manifest file because it already exists.
  • 20: The env file is missing.
  • 21: The env file cannot be read due to invalid format or permissions.
  • 30: The change cannot be applied because there are conflicting changes between the repository and the target.
  • 31: The file in the repository cannot be the target file.
  • 32: The file is not routed, so the operation cannot be performed.
  • 33: The file is ignored, so the operation cannot be performed.
  • 34: The operation is canceled because some of the target files may be deleted.